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Technology Building Culture

Karajuna International Pvt Ltd develops web application and softwares for various clients covering every aspect of life, With our software development services techniques. The team of experienced and dedicated professionals chooses the most suitable framework and documentation standards for delivering successfully accomplished products. Our software development services move ahead for any project according to world-class standards. Karajuna International understands their client’s business perspective and chooses the rightmost technology to design and deploy the products. We offer our clients the maximum flexibility too. We work hand in hand with other outstanding companies to ensure the best for our clients. We provides quality service by implementing agile software development process, solid and realistic planning after analysis of work to meet deadlines.

Pixel perfect
Our main goals are quality and performance and we care about our customers. This pixel perfect template is the best choice for your future website.
Fully responsive
Total responsiveness, beautiful on all devices. You don't have to worry anymore, we took care about it! Our main goal is to make it easy for you.
Unlimited colors
Colors create the different tastes among you. We offer the opportunity to choose among colors according to your taste and tailor your website to your needs.
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Perfecting digital experiences through human centered designs. To the unknowing mind, digital design can be a confusing world of acronyms, systems, and programs. UI design requires skill in idea generation as well as market studies and customer analyses. Great web UX isn’t about designing beautiful pages (although aesthetics certainly matter). Great web UX is about context – how do we deliver the right experience to the right person at the right time? It requires much more to design a fulfilling web experience. You must regularly iterate with other departments, understand the customer journey across all devices, and master the skills of service design for the web.

“Affordable Website Design and Development Company in Nepal”

User-written software tailors systems to meet the user’s specific needs.Application software is a subclass of computer software that employs the capabilities of a computer directly and thoroughly to a task that the user wishes to perform. Our professional team has been developing software applications for wide range of industries including e-commerce, banking, travel, hotel, health & medicine, fashion, sports, media plus other major and small businesses.We create business value through subject matter expertise and structured processes and methodologies. Whether you need a system to improve your customer service, increase your business effectiveness, streamline your processes or increase your sales, we can create intelligent, cost-effective and intuitive business applications to help you.

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At Karajuna ,We follow modern Web Development technology to built beautiful Websites.We design and develop webites considering all aspects of Web Designs like color,brand identity and user experience. As a full stack web development company, we create custom web applications for all industries, including e-commerce, banking, travel, hotel, health & medicine, fashion, sports, media and other small businesses. Our development services include initial analysis, architecture design, business solution, testing and deployment.

Features of web development :

  • It is readable and can be easily understoond any syntax by any other person.
  • Minimal development and cost-effective maintenance.
  • Websites developed using PHP have easy coding to write or understand.
  • 100% responsive and compatible with all gadget.
  • User friendly admin panel.
  • It can be used to design any type of website and can handle websites with a lot of traffic.
  • It can be run on all major operating systems like Linux, UNIX, Mac OS and Windows.
  • Increased efficiency and usability.
  • Development and maintenance cost is low as compare to other platform.
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    Karajuna int'l Pvt Ltd is the best Mobile App Development company in Nepal where you’ll find the best mobile app developers,IPhone App Development, IPad App Development, Android Development, PhoneGAP Development by mobile app developers.These applications can be pre-installed on phones during different platforms, to provide an application to use the best services of app using just like a Web browser on the internet to reduce so much complexity or reduction of less time to excute. Karajuna is a leading company in the Information Technology. We are IT based Mobile Apps Development as well as Development Company.

    Apple- Enjoy the unique Apple experience on your iPhone and iPad. Hand-crafted iOS apps in your hands.

    Android- We design customizable, lightweight apps for hi-tech touchscreen devices on the world’s most popular smartphone platform.

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    Our business class hosting comprises of enterprise level hardware and infrastructure, thus assuring you of high level server uptime. Sites hosted on Karajuna servers are not only fast but are equally efficient and secured.Our on-tap technical support means you can focus on your core business without worrying about the infrastructure and IT needs.

    Why choose Web hosting ?

  • 24/7 technical support and 99% uptime guarantee
  • Great service and affordable prices
  • Easy site administration with web-based control panel
  • Business & eCommerce Hosting Plan
  • Personal Website Hosting Plan
  • Extensive bandwidth
  • Easy-to-use control panel
  • Sub-domains
  • Email accounts with web-based email
  • Safe and secure datacenters
  • Daily backups to ensure data security
  • “Business class web hosting for your professional website at Affordable Prices.”


    PHP(Laravel / Wordpress)







    "Our main goal is to build a pixel perfect, one page parallax template with unlimited possibilities applicable for different businesses."
    Karajuna Team

    WHO ARE WE ?

    • UI Designer

      Anit Shrestha

      Senior Web/App Developer

      UI Designer

      Amir KC

      Database Analyst(intern)

      UI Designer

      Rochak Acharya


    • UI Designer

      Bikash Hathi

      UI/Web Designer / Developer

      UI Designer

      Krishna Adhikari

      Web Developer(intern)

      UI Designer

      Kumar Bagale

      Co-Founder / Marketing

    • UI Designer

      Sanjeev Khanal

      Chief Marketing Officer

    A Passionate Team

    Meet the Entire Team

    We do things a little differently Our team has experience across various industries and IT specialities. Focusing on each individual customer, their specific needs and immersing ourselves into their firm, we gain a full understanding of their pain points around technology.